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Support to Applied Business Research and Development



Support to Applied Business Research and Development
Apoio à Investigação e Desenvolvimento Empresarial Aplicado

Background & policy context: 

The projects supported by IDEIA are devoted to R&D activities undertaken by public and private entities integrated in the National Scientific and Technological System (SCTN). These entities usually form consortia to undertake the projects.

Strategic Objectives: 

The projects under IDEIA are aimed at:

  • The transfer of the results from R&D activities of entities forming the SCTN to the economic productive sectors;
  • The development and integration of technologies providing new products, processes or services;
  • Support to the integration of Portuguese entities in international consortia involving R&D activities, namely within the scope of European or International programmes.
Leading Institutions:

ADI Agência de Inovação (Innovation Agency)

Type of funding:
Programme funding arrangements and funding conditions: 

Eligible entities:

  • All entities that under the form of a consortium develop projects included in the objectives of the IDEA programme;
  • Consortia must comprise at least one firm and one entity of the SCTN, being the former the consortium leader;
  • Consortia can also integrate foreign partners to enforce the project, but they cannot receive any direct financial support.

Conditions for eligibility:

  • Entities must prove that are legally formed, have no pending debts with any Public Body (taxes, etc) and are legally licensed and authorised to undertake their activities;
  • Firms in the consortia must also have been constituted at least two years ago and present an economic balance providing ratios of financial autonomy higher than 25% and that the amount to be eligible is covered at least in a 30% by common capital;
  • Consortia must guarantee the sound development of the project, proving the necessary scientific, technical and managerial skills;
  • Consortia must also guarantee that they posses efficient management systems for the development of the project.
Participating countries: 
Projects covered: 

IDEIA funded projects comprise two different types of action:

  • Actions of 'industrial research' aimed at the development of new technologies and the acquisition of new competencies;
  • Actions of 'research for non-competitive purposes' through the development of prototypes and pilot actions, providing validation for demonstration technologies and promotion actions driving to the economical valuation of the results.
Contact Name: 
Cristina Loureiro
Contact Email: 
Portuguese Innovation Agency
Campus do INETI, Ed. O, 1º andar / Estrada do Paço do Lumar
Contact country:
+351 21 423 21 00
Fax Number: 
+351 21 423 21 01