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Swedish Energy Agency (various projects)


Swedish Energy Agency (various projects)

Background & policy context: 

The Swedish Energy Agency supports research and development of new knowledge associated with the supply, conversion, distribution and use of energy. Grants are also given for pilot and demonstration installations for testing new technology. In addition, the Agency is involved in international research work, such as for greater use of renewable energy sources and the development of new energy supply technologies and systems.

Strategic Objectives: 

Research is an important element in the process of moving towards an ecologically and economically sustainable energy system. An energy system based on the use of renewable energy sources must be combined with good economic growth.

Programme organisation: 

The Agency finances five competence centres and about 40 research and development programmes in various scientific disciplines. This work is carried out in close conjunction with the institutes of technology and with industry, as it is an objective that the results of research should be put to practical and commercial use.

The Agency provides support for both fundamental and applied research in areas such as fuel production from forestry and agriculture, as well as the production, distribution and use of electricity and heat.

Leading Institutions:

Swedish Energy Agency

Type of funding:
Programme funding arrangements and funding conditions: 

See sub-programme for Swedish Energy Agency.

Participating countries: 
Projects covered: 

See sub-programme for Swedish Energy Agency.

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Swedish Energy Agency
Box 310
SE-631 04
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+46 16 544 2000
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+46 16 544 2099