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The Swedish Rescue Services Agency Research programme 2003-2005

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Funding programme
National (Sweden)
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Background & Policy context

When we take measures against incidents/accidents we can in the main take one of two courses of action. We can either concentrate on reducing the overall probability of the occurrence of incidents/accidents or on limiting their consequences. We usually talk about incident/accident prevention measures and injury/damage limitation measures. In many contexts the term injury/damage prevention is also used and what this means is that we take preventive measures in advance (prior to incidents/accidents occurring) in order to limit the consequences.

Strategic Objectives

Four research fields are presented in the programme:

  • Incidents/accidents
  • Assessments and methods
  • Incident/accident and injury/damage prevention
  • Injury/damage limitation

The first of these deals with incidents/accidents as a phenomenon and discusses the term incidents/accidents, and the term and data that are needed to describe them. As a bridge between this first field and the more measures-oriented fields of Incidents/accident and injury/damage prevention, and Injury/damage limitation we have placed a field called assessments and methods, in which is discussed assessment issues at both a political and an expert level, as well as the models and tools that are required to support decisions regarding protective measures.

These programme areas overlap, which means that tangible problems formulated and identified in one specific research area can quite easily have a connection to one or more of the other areas.

Programme organisation

Within all the research areas, issues for research can be based on different levels on a scale that represents safety work, and the perspective can be local, national or international. The importance of an international perspective is emphased by the SRSA's increased commitment to humanitarian relief and reconstruction missions at disasters all over the world.


Institution Type
Institution Name
The Swedish Rescue Services Agency
Type of funding
Public (national/regional/local)
Programme funding arrangements and funding conditions

The programme budget is SEK 24 million during three years.

Participating countries

Projects covered

No projects covered for this programme.


Ms Charlotte Larsgården
The Swedish Rescue Services Agency
S-651 80

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