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Take Off 2015 – 2020



Take Off 2015 – 2020

Background & policy context: 

At the beginning of 2014, the Austrian Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology (bmvit) started a broad stakeholder consultation process in order to set up a new strategy for research, technology and innovation in the field of aeronautics and air transportation. Around 200 actors of the Austrian R&I sector, international experts, and representatives of the European Commission took part.

This strategy paved the way for implementing another five-year flagship funding program called Take Off. Until 2020, the ministry will provide the amount of 40 mio Euros of public funding.

In line with ACARE Flightpath 2050 goals, the new strategy promotes four measures to be deployed within the framework of a five-year action plan. These are:

  1. Build strategic partnerships;
  2. Strengthen Austria’s competencies and skills in R&I;
  3. Foster visibility and market uptake;
  4. Facilitate excellent qualification.

Each of these four measures contains a bundle of subordinated tasks to be carried out via public funding programmes and accompanying activities. In 2020, a comprehensive strategy evaluation will be conducted.

Strategic Objectives: 

The Austrian Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology relaunched a new research, technology and innovation program, Take Off 2015 – 2020, with focus on:

  • System Integration (Humans. Organisations. Technologies);
  • Strategic Partnerships (National. Transnational. International);
  • Capacity and Resource Creation (Traffic. Production. Staff);
  • Knowledge Development & Sharing (Topic. Process. Application).

The Programme is based on a master thesis in the field of knowledge creation. Take Off covers Austria’s wide range of technological competencies (see

Leading Institutions:

Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT)

Type of funding:
Programme funding arrangements and funding conditions: 

Detailed information on the program objectives, the focal points and the individual conditions can be found in the Tender Guide and in the Instrument Guide for the 2017 edition.

Projects covered: 

Projects due to start in 2018 for the 2017 edition

Contact Name: 
Daniel Jokovic, MSc
Contact Email: 
Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG)
Contact country:
+43 5 7755 5063