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Transumo: TRANsition to SUstainable MObility

Programme Type
Funding programme
National (Netherlands)
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STRIA Roadmaps
Smart mobility and services (SMO)


Background & Policy context

The existing mobility and transport system is not sustainable in terms of "people, planet and profit" and will not automatically change in the required direction at the pace deemed necessary. There is a need for an improvement in the quality of accessibility, the strain on the living environment is too great, as is the dependency on non-renewable energy sources. In the worst case scenario, without significant interventions this can lead to a backlash or system breakdown, which will ultimately cause a change of course but only at enormous social cost.

Transumo aims to supply knowledge that is necessary to achieve a transition to sustainable mobility: by developing new technologies and concepts, and by simultaneously researching implementation and transition issues.

Transumo is at the same time:

  • a subsidised research programme that researches various components of a future sustainable mobility system and the necessary steps and actions that can initiate the desired transition to such a system;
  • a consortium of public parties, private parties and knowledge institutes that join forces to find solutions for the sustainable mobility challenges of the program, and
  • an expertise network that is able to respond swiftly and appropriately to challenging questions in the international field of mobility, transport, logistics and traffic. 
Strategic Objectives

The strategic objective is to accelerate/encourage the transition to sustainable mobility. A sustainable mobility system is one that supports an international competitive position of the Dutch economy ("profit"), that respects the environment ("planet"), and that offers high quality accessibility and mobility for people and the goods they need ("people"). This will be achieved by initiating, and establishing for the long term, a transition process that leads to the replacement of the current, supply driven, mono-disciplinary technology and knowledge infrastructure, with a demand driven, multidisciplinary and trans-disciplinary, participative knowledge infrastructure.

Programme organisation

The research programme entails the collaboration of governmental bodies, private businesses and knowledge institutions in projects that address specific issues in the transport and mobility domain. By running innovative projects and experiments in this tripartite setting, Transumo aims to produce applicable and sustainable solutions and innovations in mobility.

Transumo has defined seven, mutually related, themes in which specific issues with respect to sustainable mobility are being addressed.

  • Self Regulation : Self-regulation by pricing and other incentives in passenger transport
  • Traffic Management : Integrated infrastructure and traffic management
  • Governance Processes : Participative governance processes in mobility and freight transport
  • Space: Tuning spatial system and accessibility
  • Chain Integration : Logistics chain integration
  • Network Integration : Integrated logistics networks
  • Public Transport : Customer-oriented public transport

The themes mentioned are within the transport and mobility domain. Next to this Transumo also runs a specific programme on transition as well as sustainability.

The innovations that are developed within the projects and themes will be tested in so called experimental environments. Transumo envisages experimental environments around main ports/airports, in important transport corridors, around complex transport zones and within (urban) regions in which governments are already involved in co-operations with regard to mobility. 


Institution Type
Institution Name
Transumo is an independent foundation responsible for a national Dutch research programme on transition to sustainable mobility. As a so called BSIK-programme, Transumo is funded 50% by the Dutch government and 50% by the private sector and by knowledge institutions.
Type of funding
Public (national/regional/local)
Programme funding arrangements and funding conditions

Transumo is BSIK funded 50% by the Dutch government and 50% by the private sector and by knowledge institutions. The programme is subject to the conditions as outlined by the BSIK-programme.

Total Budget
60 million Euro
Participating countries
The Netherlands

Projects covered

No projects covered for this programme.


ir. J. Klinkenberg
Commercial Director
2700 AB

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