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Travel Centre Finland

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National (Finland)
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Background & Policy context

Travel Centre unites Finland's mass transportation into an efficient, clear-cut and accessible entity. Travellers can get everything they need from Travel Centre, whether travelling by train, bus or local public transport. Schedules and timetables, ticket sales and other services can all be easily found in the same place.

Travel Centre 2007 is a project started in the 1990s by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications. Its goal is to facilitate the use of public transportation, which is accomplished by making the travel centres suitable and accessible to all passengers. The goal was set at creating a nationwide network of 22 travel centres by the year 2007.

Strategic Objectives

Travel centres are a service point for transportation that is part of an easy and a safe trip. Local bus and train networks meet up at the travel centres.

The travel centre ensures:

  • A high-quality and enjoyable travel environment for all passengers
  • Easily accessible travel services
  • Easy and safe transfers between modes of transportation
  • Supplementary travelling services
  • A unified look and way of presenting information.
Programme organisation

The Travel Centre Project is made up of many stages. It starts off with an assessment of the requirements for the master plan, after which comes the general planning stage. The details of the project are defined during the town and building planning and after the approval procedure, the final traffic and building plans are drafted.

The programme is overseen by a task force made up of representatives from the stakeholder organisations (listed below) and led by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications.


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Ministry of Transport and Communications Finland
Type of funding
Public (national/regional/local)
Programme funding arrangements and funding conditions


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Projects covered

No projects covered for this programme.


Mr Petri Jalasto
Ministry of Transport and Communications Finland
00023 Government
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