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Active Flow Control for Tilt Rotor


Active Flow Control for Tilt Rotor

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The AFC4TR project will investigate the use of Active Flow Control using Zero Net Mass Flux devices for the Next Generation Tilt Rotor using unsteady CFD. ZNMF devices can be used to control flow separation and vortical flows in order to increase the aerodynamic efficiency, resulting in reduced fuel burn and CO2 and NOx emissions.

A multi objective optimization study will be performed to optimize the locations and parameters of the ZNMF devices that will bring the desired aerodynamic benefits. The neasure of success is the report discussing the optimization studies and the results obtained.

The results of the AFC4TR project might also influence ongoing and future aircraft development projects, and will contribute to maintaining Europe’s industrial leadership in the aviation sector.

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European Commission
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Cfs Engineering Sa

Epfl Innovation Park Batiment A
1015 Lausanne
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Universite De Strasbourg

Rue Blaise Pascal 4
67070 Strasbourg
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