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Adaptation of French automobile fleet and data traffic to the ARTEMIS tool

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Background & Policy context

In consideration of the increasing amount of emissions related to road transport, particularly coming from private vehicles, it is important to develop tools and instruments to better check and monitor harmful emissions and most sensitive environmental parameters.

The update of the French Agency for the Environment and Management of Energy (ADEME) tool, called "IMPACT 2.0", will allow a more precise calculation of emissions and fuel consumption related to road traffic.


The overall objective of this study is the implementation in France of the ARTEMIS tools for calculating pollutant emissions from the transport sector. 

The study included three main activities:

  1. Adaptation of the French data and application of computational tools
  2. Assumptions and emission inventory for 2030
  3. Participation to the ARTEMIS European working group - INFRAS

The methodology was structured around five specific tasks:

  1. Check of calculated emission factors from the ARTEMIS modeling tool and anaysis of disparities against observed data
  2. Estimation of emission factors for non-regulated compounds and families of compounds from measurements made in the ARTEMIS project, Diesel-FAP and PROPCARB
  3. Synthesis of the scientific literature and release of a state-of-the-art "Critical Review"
  4. Comparison of calculated ARTEMIS emission factors against values in literature
  5. Comparison of calculated emission factors against in situ measurements and interpretation of the differences.


Funding Source
Agence de l'Environnement et de la Maitrise de l'Energie (ADEME)


One of the overall results achieved by the ARTEMIS project was the arrangement of more robust and relevant emissions factors for regulated pollutants, which have been included in the modeling tools of traffic emissions.

At the same time, INRETS experts have been trained on the subject of emission factors and emission models related to road traffic. 


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