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Advanced Navigation of the Blind people

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The purpose of the project is to design a new Navigation centre for control and navigation of the blind in a general outdoor area. The new solution is based on present and future technologies.


The project implementation is divided into several stages:

  • - Modernization and extension of the existing SONS (Blind United) Navigation centre with new technologies and applications.
  • - Implementation of a new approach employing satellite technology and extension of its features for higher precision of localization, eliminating the influence of satellite signal reflections.
  • - Deployment of mobile phones with operating system and full transition towards bidirectional data transmission.
  • - Introduction of image, its transmission and application into the navigation of the blind.

The existing proprietary solutions will be replaced with a universal interface that will substantially increase the capabilities of the Navigation centre and reduce the access costs for its users. A new access to user databases, data history and visualization in maps will be introduced. Another important change will consist from checking (computing) of the localization preciseness and a new approach to its displaying and evaluation. Control and transmission of data from the navigation units of mobile terminals will be supported in all types of mobile networks. The processing and displaying of data in maps together with its sending (through a server) is based on Internet connection, enabling diversification of the monitoring centre. As a result, a meaningful work will become available to other groups of handicapped people, and the impact of the project will be substantially extended. New server equipment will make the administration of the application and of its users more efficient, it will guarantee the independence of the application (“Navigation of the Blind”), and it will also increase its reliability.


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The Technology Agency of the Czech Republic
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Technology agency of the Czech Republic


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EU Contribution


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