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Aeronautic and Automotive Gathering for Pulsating Heat Pipe Development


Aeronautic and Automotive Gathering for Pulsating Heat Pipe Development
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Aérornautique, Automobile Regroupement pour le DEveloppememnt des Caloducs Oscillants

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Aeronautic and Automotive Gathering for Pulsating Heat Pipe Development
Increase in power density is a critical industrial and societal issue. Transportation vehicles undergo a deep transformation due to miniaturisation of the vehicle components and their progressive electrification associated with an increase of energy flows. The subject of the Pulsating Heat Pipe (PHP) development is particularly relevant to the objective of reducing fuel consumption.


PHP modelling: from understanding of physical phenomena to experimental validation in close to the industrial conditions
The backbone of this project is the PHP modelling. Four experiments in single-branch configuration serve as the building blocks for the PHP understanding. They provide design elements required to develop a numerical model for multi-branch PHP. The latter will be then validated experimentally and studied to understand the effect of external conditions like vibration. 

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L'Agence nationale de la recherche (The French National Research Agency)
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The first observations of self-sustained oscillations at CETHIL show a strong meniscus curvature during its way out of the evaporator which deposes a thin liquid film along the walls and a contact angle very different during its way back. Evaporation of that thin film is the key parameter that control oscillations in amplitude and frequency. Strong influence of thermal conductivity upon heat transfer and film width evolution can be observed.

Other results

The project has led to 14 communications during the first 18 months. Highlights include two papers in the International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, six international communications one of which has been awarded at 17th International Heat Pipe Congress.


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INSA DE LYON - CETHIL Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon - Centre de Thermique de Lyon

PPRIME Institut P’



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