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Analysis of methods used to measure the unconventional railway track construction from the point of view of accuracy and reliability

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Background & Policy context

One approach of railway modernisation in the Slovak Republic focuses on application of new construction parts. Nowadays, there is being developed a new unconventional type of the railway body - a fixed track construction (FTC). It lies on the bridge, in the tunnel and the contiguous railway sections.


The aim of the project is to collect data and assess the impact of this new technology - the fixed track construction. Because there is no experience with behaviour of such a railway construction in Slovakia, it is necessary to monitor and diagnose it during railway development and operation. The regular monitoring of the fixed track construction creates opportunity to verify and analyse the measurements and diagnostic methods and technologies, which are based on determination of relative and absolute geometrical track position (GTP). The process of analysis of these methods consists from definition of accuracy and reliability of the observed results by using mathematical-statistical methods and expects a mutual comparison and results completion, which were obtained by standard railway equipment and by geodetic observations.


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During the project the following results were produced:

  • Comparison of outputs of continuous multisensory measurements with conventional geodetic methods
  • Proposal of methodology for continuous measurement processing
  • 3D Laser Scanning Application and Design Methodology with an emphasis on preserving the prescribed accuracy
  • Analysis of the spatial change of the geometric parameter of the railway design
  • Analysis of mathematical modelling accuracy
  • Determining the real accuracy of spatial change definition
  • Testing the reliability of the results



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