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Application Models of Batteries Incorporating the coupling between calendar aging and use: Strategies to prolong their life on electric and hybrid vehicles

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Background & Policy context

A battery pack is a very important part for defining the value of a electric vehicle. However, the battery is subject to wear and tear, as a consequence of kilometres travelled, recharges, sun exposure or parking outside in winter season. The challenge for manufacturers is to guarantee the autonomy and high-standard performances of their vehicles, to ensure the profitability of their business models to enable market growth. For this reason, the setting-up of a robust scheme of battery ageing is essential.


The MOBICUS project aims to develop innovative vehicle battery management systems and terminals smart refills, with the goal to extend the duration of batteries, according to vehicle use and charging modes.

Its main objectives are:

  1. to understand and model the nonlinear coupling between the calendar and cycle- ageing of batteries from experimental measurements;
  2. propose a representation of assembled parts, from the cell to the battery pack;
  3. develop and validate strategies to prolong the duration of batteries, depending on the vehicle use and modes of refill.

Previous national projects SIMSTOCK (2007-2011) and SIMCAL (2009-2012) focused on the study of ageing and cycling respectively in calendar and cycle ageing of batteries.

New approaches brought and developed by the MOBICUS project are:

  1.  the nonlinear coupling between the two modes of ageing,
  2. validation on a wider area of ​​the temperature (especially cold),
  3. taking into account of the dispersion of cell characteristics in the pack, the use of means testing real-time HIL (Hardware in the Loop) to reproduce the behaviour of the vehicle,
  4. validation of a vehicle fleet.

Digital tools for multiphysics simulations will define appropriate strategies to use and promote sustainability batteries.

Such strategies will be implemented in electric vehicles fleets managed by ADM CONCEPT, including in particular Renault Twizy - in charging stations DBT CEV - and in Electric vehicles operated by La Poste.


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FUI (Fond Unique Interministériel)
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French Ministry of Economy and Finances - General Directorate of competitivity, industry and services (MinEIE-DGCIS)


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