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Applications, experiences, added value generation and Indicator education based on "Austria on the way"


Applications, experiences, added value generation and Indicator education based on "Austria on the way"
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Anwendungsmöglichkeiten, Erfahrungen, Mehrwertgenerierung und Indikatorenbildung auf Basis von „Oesterreich Unterwegs“


The household travel survey Österreich Unterwegs is the first survey in twenty years to provide representative data on mobility behaviour of Austrian residents. This extensive database combined with the lessons learned from the survey procedure form the basis for the project AEIOU. In a first step a review of the surveys process, summarizing the main conclusions regarding data survey, data processing, weighting and data analysis, as well as a characterization of the database, will be given. Also, part of the review is a quantitative and qualitative characterization of the database and the deduction of potential improvements for future surveys. Simultaneously, possible fields of applications for the available data will be explored. A distinction will be made between research questions that can be answered with the already existing dataset and subjects for which secondary data is required.

To evaluate the feasibility and usability of the survey data from the perspective of data user's experiences from specific applications will be collected, evaluated and analysed. Therefore, a test application inspired by transport demand modelling will be developed and feedback from external users will be gathered within expert-panels. Another key aspect of the study is the development of an indicator-set as well as a monitoring-strategy, based on the database of “Österreich Unterwegs”. They can be used as high-quality evidence base in decision-making processes. A SWOT-analysis will be applied to evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks involved with the practical use of the indicator-set.

The in-depth data analysis, the description of new potential applications, the evaluation of the usability and the development of an indicator-set are combined to tap the full potential of the survey. Therefore, it will be shown how the benefit from the survey can be increased by refining the data during data processing on the one hand and by combining and complementing the data with data from other sources on the other hand (generation of additional value). In addition to availability and quality checks of external data, costs and data protection aspects will be considered as well. Building on the insights gained, results will be summarized and in a concluding synthesis. Modifications in data acquisition concerning the survey content and method are suggested to extend the specific applicability of the data. Moreover, a closer look will be taken at how data availability of hitherto rarely considered groups of persons in the mobility sector can be improved by complementary surveys.

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FFG - Die Österreichische Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft
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MdZ - 6. Ausschreibung 2015
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Herry Consult Gmbh

AN/A1040 Vienna
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Technische Universitat Wien Department Fur Raumplanung

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