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ARTEMIS CROSS-Domain Architecture

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€2 720 000
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Background & Policy context

ACROSS was a research project that aimed to develop and implement an ARTEMIS cross-domain reference architecture for embedded systems based on the architecture blueprint developed in the European FP7 project GENESYS.


The project aimed to develop and implement an ARTEMIS cross-domain reference architecture for embedded systems based on the architecture blueprint developed in the European FP7 project GENESYS.

The ACROSS project aimed at achieving the following objectives:

  • An ACROSS-MPSoC that implements generic core services (e.g., deterministic communication, global time, diagnosis, fault and error containment) in an FPGA-based hardware for multiprocessor systems-on-a-chip (MPSoC).
  • Design and implementation of generic optional services to be used in multiple application domains.
  • A general model-based design methodology, supported by appropriate adaptable tools, for the implementation and verification of ACROSS-based applications taking into account existing domain-specific models/tools.
  • Design and implementation of domain-specific optional services for the realisation of embedded applications in the following domains: automotive, aerospace and industrial design and implementation of selected sample applications from the cited domains, which will show the benefits of using the ACROSS approach.

The ACROSS project is partitioned into the following six coordinated work packages:

  • WP2: Middleware and System Components
  • WP3: Development Methodology
  • WP4: Automotive
  • WP5: Aerospace
  • WP6: Industrial Control

These six work packages, covering technical and demonstration aspects, are complemented by a Dissemination & Exploitation work package (WP7) and a Project Management work package (WP8) dedicated to marketing and managerial aspects. Each work package (WP) has precise sub-objectives which are well-aligned with the ACROSS overall objectives. The starting points for ACROSS are taken from the results of the GENESYS project, which provides for the first-level specification for the ACROSS work packages WP1 and WP2.


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  • Definition / integration of domain-specific and generic application meta-models, covering both functional and non-functional properties.
  • Definition of platform meta-models providing an abstraction of the core and optional services defined in the ACROSS architecture (e.g., ACROSS MPSoC, operating system...).
  • Definition of platform-specific meta-models for the configuration of the ACROSS platform.
  • Algorithms, models and tools for analysis and verification (e.g., scheduler for the time-triggered network-on-chip, system-level design-space exploration, reliability analysis, ESL models, deadlock analysis, simulation.)
  • Automatic model-to-model transformations (e.g., from domain-specific to generic application models, synthesis of platform-specific (configuration) models)
  • Source code and platform configuration files generators


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Infrastructure management
Multimodal border management technologies
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