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Assessment of existing bridges with actual traffic loads (AGB2002/005)

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Background & Policy context

The proposed work is based on the work of Bez "Modelling of traffic loads" and Bailey "Basic principles and load models for the structural safety evaluation of existing road bridges" and the report no. 515 (1995) "Load models for the safety assessment of existing structural road bridges".

The proposed project includes a continuation of the work report no. 530 (1989) "Load factors for dead load and superimposed loads to assess the structural safety of existing road bridges" and no. 556 (2001) "Load Model (40t-traffic) to assess two-lane road bridges with two-way traffic".


Extension of the simulation program for flexible input of traffic and bridge data.

Expansion of load models (40t and 28t vehicles) for other bridge systems and types of road.


Statistics, structural analysis, programming, modeling, standardization, verification of practical examples.


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Swiss Government: State Secretariat for Education and Research
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Simple load models for the load recalculation of existing road bridges has been developed and completed.

The simulation program can also be used for recalculation of individual load model.

Technical Implications

Besides the practical application of traffic load updated model for evaluating deck slabs of concrete box or double girder bridges, project highlight interesting insights for the design of future building standards.

Other results

LUDESCHER, H., BRÜHWILER, E., Vergrösserungsfaktoren für die Wirkung von Strassenverkehr auf bestehende Brücken, Office fédéral des routes, OFROU, AGB 1998/104, Publication VSS 571, Berne, March 2004.

MEYSTRE, Th., HIRT, M. A., Évaluation de ponts routiers existants avec un mo-dèle de charge de trafic actualisé, Office fédéral des routes, AGB 2002/005, Publi-cation VSS 594, Berne, March 2006.

VAZ RODRIGUES, Rui, Shear strength of reinforced concrete bridge deck slabs, École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne, EPFL, Thèse N°3739, 2007.


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