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Asset Surveillance and Protection

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Background & Policy context

The ASAP research aimed to develop a new concept for asset surveillance and protection in Europe. There was a need to develop and evaluate a designated wireless info-mobility system including end-unit devices sensors, system infrastructure and interconnected databases that could become a European standard.


The objective was to provide companies using such a system with: 

  • Additional information concerning the supply chain 
  • Reduction of fines because the company can prove it did not cause the damage, reduction of insurance costs 
  • Reduction loss cost due to less assets lost
  • Identification of users' requirements 
  • ASAP's system specifications 
  • Development of communications 
  • Distributed data network 
  • Interfaces with ITS 
  • Design and test of a prototype


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European Comission, DG Information Society
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Public (EU)


ASAP developed and demonstrated a solution for the assurance as well as tracking and tracing of the transport of dangerous or valuable goods that met the requirements of transparency and security during transport. The project aimed mainly at finding an energy-saving and cost-effective solution.

Technical Implications

ASAP has developed and evaluated a wireless, infomobility system based on location and security information that includes end unit devices, sensors, system infrastructure and inter-connected databases. This has introduced a new concept for asset surveillance and protection in Europe, which is affordable, accurate and userfriendly. The end unit is designed to use a sustained power of 1.5 milliwatts as opposed to 75 milliwatts in present GSM/GPS based systems. The end unit’s power supply will enable usage for more than 100 days without recharging or replacement, for a estimated cost of less than 100 euro, plus 10 euro of monthly operation costs. This is considerably less than equivalent systems.

Ubiquitous and seamless access will be made available to the end user, transportation operators, insurance companies and other involved parties. On-line data, which includes location and sensor information, will be integrated with existing information databases of the transport operators and provide a comprehensive smart tracking and protection system. The system will undertake monitoring of asset information concerning temperature, movement, door status (open or closed), and the presence of specific gases, which is important for the security and surveillance of regular and hazardous assets.

Location and status information will be accessible to both the mobile user and via the Internet. The system will be integrated with a European-wide ITS database providing immediate benefits both to the European citizen and to the European transport industry.


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