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Automatic Traffic Enforcement Systems by Means of Digital Images and Automatic License Plate Reading (VSS1999/301)

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Background & Policy context

There was a need for setting of requirements for automatic traffic control systems by means of digital image processing in Switzerland and further identification of needs for changes in legal framework.


The objective of the project is the identification of gaps in the legal framework, requirements and tests for automatic traffic system components and preparation of the draft of standard.


The project had following stages:

1. Project preparation - within the framework of project preparation were determined supplementary fundamentals (literature, standards) is purchasing and coordinating operations with other relevant projects.

2. Working up the foundations already existing applications with digital images as well as documents and reports on digital enforcement give a solid foundation on the subject. 

3. Digital Image Processing It is important that in particular the technology of digital image processing, which plays a central role in this work, is worked, so that a clear basis has been created. For this purpose, it is important to identify the origin and the possibilities of digital images.

4. System architecture -  to the required reference architecture define, it requires the development of a model. This should be based on an analysis of existing enforcement operations. The model must be created on both the physical and the functional level. The modeling gives a general overview of the system and is based on a single observation.

5. Dealing when offenses are documented exclusively in digital form with data, this raises questions regarding data protection. 

6. The previous draft standard steps should make it possible to define the required draft standardization required for the digital Enforcement.


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These are the core conclusions of the project:

  • The draft standard is a basis for a Swiss standard for automatic control systems with digital image technology.
  • The need for using of the automated traffic control systems with digital image technique adjustments to the existing technical instructions are low.
  • The use of automatic control systems with digital image technology is - in compliance with the requirements developed - basically nothing in the way.


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