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Automotive Cluster Centrope - Continuation of the cross-border cooperation platform between ACVR and TU Győr in order to strengthen the automotive sector in the Centrope region, and extension of the Automotive Academy to Hungary

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Background & Policy context

In spite of its turbulent history, Europe has established itself as a continent with a functioning market economy, a democratic political system and which is associated with freedom and prosperity for all citizens. This is largely thanks to the excellent economic growth which was experienced on the old continent. A range of different statistics demonstrate the correlation between economic development and the quality of life experienced by the population.

However, due to globalisation and social change, Europe is finding itself faced with increased competition from growing economic powers such as China, India and Brazil. Today, economic growth depends on innovation and research, making life-long learning more important than ever.


After the reduced sales figures experienced by the auto industry during the economic crisis, the industry has recovered sooner than expected and has even been able to win new markets for its products. Despite increased competition, there is growing demand for cars with an attractive design and innovative electronics as well as for future-oriented technology such as electro-mobility. Research and know-how are key to satisfying this demand.

This is why, a specialist training institution, the Automotive Academy, is to be established in Hungary. This will provide professionals from the automotive industry with a chance to be trained in relevant areas and to gain knowledge which they can apply in their work in the industry. These additional qualifications will help the employees to generate added value for their employers. In this respect, it is in both the employees' interest and that of their employers that they have this know-how which will set them apart from their competitors and give them a competitive edge.

The project was commenced with a partnership between Austria and Slovakia and is now to be extended to Hungary, a country which is of great importance to the auto industry.


Parent Programmes


As part of the project, the following tasks were carried out:

- Establishing the an Automotive Academy in Hungary according to the model provided by the Automotive Academy Vienna Region
- Requirement and acceptance analysis of the new e-mobility course of study
- Development of a curriculum for a joint degree programme
- Development of an application for the new e-mobility degree
- Selection of the lecturers, as well as trainers, drawing up the content with reference to that tat the AAVR, determination of the accreditation
- Designing and developing infrastructure for the delivery of the study content
- Creation and running of a bilingual project website
- Press statements, presentations, events and trade fairs

Policy objectives

Implementation of abroad experiences in the national educational system of the Hungary. 


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