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Baltic Sea cooperation for reducing ship and port emissions through knowledge and innovation-based competitiveness

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Background & Policy context

Maritime transport constitutes a vitally important part of trade and services for the countries around the Baltic Sea and Europe. Baltic shipping is constantly growing and some of the busiest shipping routes in the world go through the Baltic Sea.

Consequently, the sensitive environment of the Baltic Sea is threatened by increasing pollution from the shipping industry. Through international agreements of International Maritime Organization (IMO), EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive, HELCOM Baltic Sea Action Plan (BSAP) and the EU Strategy and Action Plan for the Baltic Sea Region, the Baltic Sea countries are obliged to take actions to reduce harmful atmospheric emissions and strengthen joint coordinated efforts to make the Baltic Sea a model area for clean shipping.

Due to more stringent international requirements for reducing nitrogen and sulphur oxide emissions, shipping industry in the Baltic Sea will be facing during the next five years with substantially increased fuel expenses, logistics costs and needs for large investments into low-emission technology and infrastructure. At the same time economies in the Baltic Sea countries are suffering from impacts of the global recession.


As part of flagship project under the Priority Area four in the EU Strategy and Action Plan for the Baltic Sea Region the BSR InnoShip will address the common challenge of the Baltic Sea countries and the key maritime stakeholders to cooperate in minimizing ship-based air pollution, while aiming at optimizing competitiveness of the maritime industry.

The project will promote new and innovative transnational approaches to mitigate the different needs and interests of the maritime sector and to ensure a level-playing field for more sustainable and economically viable management of the Baltic Sea resources. The project will provide the needed knowledge and best practices for the policy- and decision-makers in development and joint implementation of national and transnational policies, strategies and concrete measures to implement the international low-emission requirements.

Practical models and tools will be elaborated to estimate economic implications of the required emission reductions and encouraging voluntary measures and economic incentives for low-emission solutions in local, national and the Baltic Sea level. Project partnerships consists of 19 partners and 24 associated partners representing Pan-Baltic, national and local organizations in all the countries in the Baltic Sea region including Russia.

In order to ensure achievement of the project goals the partners will collaborate with the key Baltic maritime stakeholders including HELCOM and national maritime authorities in elaborating recommendations for joint actions to reduce and prevent atmospheric emissions of the shipping and ensure competitiveness of the Baltic maritime industry.


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2007 - 2013 Baltic Sea Region


The main contributions of the project are the Pan-Baltic Manual of Best Practices on Clean Shipping and Port Operations, and the Baltic Sea Clean Maritime Award.

The Pan-Baltic Manual is supported by a compendium of knowledge at The first BSCM Award was handed out at the EU SBSR Annual Forum 2013 (Vilnius, November 11-12). BSR InnoShip has maintained a close and listening relationship with its stakeholders and can be described as a stakeholder-driven project.

BSR InnoShip solutions were promoted through the project events as well as through the political processes of e.g. HELCOM and EU SBSR (PA SHIP).

On a European scale, BSR InnoShip solutions were promoted to the European Space Agency, European Maritime Safety Agency as well as DGs Move, Regio and Mare of the EU Commission, and have resulted in concrete joint actions between BSR InnoShip partners and many of these European agencies.

HELCOM work on the Baltic Sea NOx Emission Control Area largely builds on BSR InnoShip contributions; a close liaison with and support for the initiative for the North Sea NECA was provided.

The private sector has benefitted from BSR InnoShip through independent knowledge and guidance on available solutions, as well as through active participation in solutions (LNG infrastructure, shore-side electricity, promotion of best solutions).

The Clean Shipping Currents platform has been the basis of TEN-T investment studies.

Stakeholder surveys with segmented stakeholder needs have been performed and reported.

BSR InnoShip partners have collaborated in the evaluation, development and adoption of innovative low emission technical solutions.

Several patents have been granted for BSR InnoShip work.

Project partners have offered e.g. shipowners the possibility to optimize their operations for slow steaming with BSR InnoShip guidance.

The knowledge base for cost-efficiency analysis has been strengthened by measurements of actual engine emissions equipped with modern emission reduction equipment.

Several stakeholder-oriented conferences have been arranged, e.g. in collaboration with the Transport Innovation Network (Copenhagen, 16.-18.4.2012), the Baltic Sea Day in St. Petersburg on March 21, 2013, and the Northern Dimension Parthership for Transport and Logistics (Helsinki, 11.-12.4.2013).

BSR InnoShip has presented at the main fora in the BSR, EU SBSR Annual Summits 2011, 2012 and 2013, and the BDF Summit in 2013, as well as the European Maritime Day 2013.

BSR InnoShip has also disseminated its results in its topical conferences around the Baltic Sea, in connection to its partner meetings.

BSR InnoShip lead partner has provided Technical Assistance for the EU SBSR PA SHIP, with a focus on stakeholder interaction.

BSR InnoShip has been available through Google+, Twitter and in addition to the project website.


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