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Basic standards for variable message signing (VSS1999/115)

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Background & Policy context

The VSS Norm SN 640 526 "Variable message signing", published in 1980, has been long since overtaken by the technical advances in this field.

Present day traffic policy leans increasingly towards making better use of existing road systems and improving their management, by means of directing and guiding traffic in a more rational and efficient manner. Dynamic signaling is proving to be a suitable means of influencing traffic flow and can be tailored to real-time events, whilst taking due note of available alternatives.


The objective of the project is to work out  the fundamentals and preparing a suggestion for the creation of the basic standard for the package of standards on variable message signing.


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Swiss Government: State Secretariat for Education and Research
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Current ongoing research in this field is concerned merely with lane signing on heavily-used roads and is in no position to fill the existing gaps in standardisation. The working out of a basic standard on the subject of "variable message signing" is therefore forcing itself upon us and in this context the following headings are significant:

  • Variable hazard warning speed control
  • Variable message (text) signing
  • Variable direction signing
  • Lane signal control 
  • Access control (ramp metering)

The working out of the basics and the draft standard has been completed whilst taking into account experience and regulations, both at home and abroad. Both a survey of existing variable message signing systems in Switzerland and in the neighboring countries as well an examination of published work were carried out. Fundamentals for the basic standard has been extracted from the analysis and interpretation of the documents and summarised.

The final result of the project is the standard VSS 640800

Innovation aspects

Standard VSS 640800


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