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Basic study for the construction measures of the transnational railway infrastructure of the Neusiedler Seebahn AG between Fertöszentmiklós and Neusiedl am See

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Grundlagenstudie NSB AG
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Background & Policy context

In 1873, the first project was developed for the railway line in the east area of Lake Neusiedl. In spite of numerous extensive investment measures in recent years, both the railway infrastructure and the safety technology are in need of a renewal. In the framework of a basic study, a determination of the optimal use of funds as well as the prioritization of the investment measures required in the coming years is to be carried out.


An assessment of the maintenance and investment expenses of the Neusiedler Seebahn AG will be carried out within the scope of the project. The project objective is a list of the expected measures and the associated costs which will be used  as the basis for  further projects.


Parent Programmes


Within the scope of the project the following results carried achieved:

  • Fundamental survey: Lower, upper and bridge building Neusiedl am See to Fertöszentmiklos
  • Assessment of the status of the FSE sysems Neusiedl am See to Fertöszentmiklos
  • Investment plan for substructure, bridge and bridge construction
  • Investment program of NSB AG for FSE systems

Policy objectives

The main policy objective is to ensure the efficiency by financing infrastructure projects in the cross-border regions.


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