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Behaviour and Design of Reinforced Concrete Deck Slabs

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Background & Policy context

The following approach will be followed:

  1. tests of slab strips with a variable depth to investigate the influence of the variation of the depth on the shear strength. This part of the study also applies to cut-and-cover slabs.
  2. tests of statically indeterminate slab strips to investigate the influence of plastic redistributions on the shear strength
  3. tests of plate overhangs under static loads (2 x 2 loads at a fixed location, monotonic loading, if possible full scale, possibly one specimen with transverse post-tensioning)
  4. one test of an overhang with simulated displacement of the load
  5. theoretical research
  6. proposals for new design and analysis rules for typical cases of bridge slabs

The aims of the proposed research are :

  1. experimental and theoretical investigation of the mechanical behavior of bridge slabs under static loads
  2. experimental and theoretical investigation of the influence of plastic redistributions on the shear strength of slabs
  3. experimental investigation of the effect of the longitudinal displacement of loads on plastic deflections and overall slab behavior
  4. elaboration of design and analysis recommendations for typical cases of bridge slabs

The proposed research focuses on the behavior at the ultimate limit state. The envisioned tests will, however, allow information about the behavior at the serviceability limit state to be gathered.


According to the SIA standards 260, 261 and SIA SIA 262 which will come into operation on 1 January 2003, shear in reinforced concrete slabs will be critical and could lead to greater required thicknesses. An experimental and theoretical research has the goal to better understand the behaviour. It will also propose design rules and analysis tailored to current rolling slabs.


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