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Boosting Electromobility Amsterdam - Rotterdam - Utrecht

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E-mobility 3 cities NL LIFE11 ENV/NL/000793
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Background & Policy context

Sufficient charging infrastructure is a precondition for the transition to electric transport. At present, however, the market for charging infrastructure is immature because the business case is uncertain. Three cities of the 'Randstad' region of the Netherlands – Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht – are working to increase usage of electric transport. They began their efforts to stimulate the market by creating (semi) public charging points, including experimental fast-charging points in Amsterdam and Utrecht. Now they have joined forces for the roll out of a large-scale, interoperable network of charging points in the metropolitan area, and will also introduce measures to facilitate the purchase of electric cars. The LIFE project ‘E-mobility 3 cities NL’ is a crucial part in this strategy.


The aim of the project is to contribute to the roll out of a number of fast-charging points for electric vehicles in order to gather user information and practical experience. This experience will be shared with private enterprises in order to make the business case viable.

This demonstration project will implement a number of fast-charging points in the three cities that are especially targeted at frequent urban drivers (such as taxicab and delivery van drivers). A fast-charging point can charge the battery of an electric car in half an hour. For taxis and delivery vans, which are intensively used, a short charging time is essential. The fast-charging points can also be used by business drivers, who come for a short visit to the city and then move on to the next city. During their visit their car can be charged in a short period of time.

The specific objectives of the project are:

  • To boost electric transport in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht by setting up an adequate charging infrastructure;
  • Stimulate geographic spread of charging infrastructure in the Randstad, in order to boost electric transport between cities; and
  • To stimulate cooperation between the three cities in order to implement a regional, uniform network of charging infrastructure and to share information and knowledge on electric transport.

The project is a crucial step towards establishing a full coverage municipal and regional charging infrastructure for electric transport, which consists of regular and fast-charging points. The project will demonstrate the functioning of different types of charging points in various circumstances; it aims to prove that by rolling out sufficient charging infrastructure the use of electric transport will increase. In addition, the project will collect data which provides necessary information for the implementation of a large-scale fast-charging infrastructure, such as location conditions, user-friendliness, reliability and customer wishes. A monitoring programme is an integral part of this project.

Expected results:

  • Twelve (semi) public fast-charging points mainly for taxis and delivery vehicles;
  • Twenty-four (semi) public regular charging points mainly for taxis and delivery vehicles;
  • Three well-functioning platforms of stakeholders that will meet 12 times during the project and contribute to its implementation. The platforms will set the basis for increasing electric transport in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht;
  • A communication and PR campaign that informs at least 80% of the car owners and companies in the three cities about the targets for the transition to electric transport and charging possibilities; and
  • A direct contribution to reducing traffic CO2 emissions and particulate matter (PM-10) and a huge potential impact on emission levels of these air pollutants.



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