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Bridges with jointless abutments (AGB2005/018)

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Background & Policy context

Interaction between structure, soil and pavement and the behaviour of integral abutments can be modelled. This model shall allow studying the influence of deck rotation on the pavement in jointless solutions. More generally, it will lead to a precise definition of the application limits for bridges with integral abutments, both for new and for existing bridges without time-dependent effects (old concrete bridges and steel bridges). Innovative construction solutions will be developed to allow extending the limits of application of integral abutments and to improve their efficiency. Finally, solutions in which bearings are replaced by flexible elements will be investigated.


The project aims to study the level of joints expansion and/or mechanical bearings in bridge abutments. The use of innovative solutions to facilitate the construction of jointless bridges and to remove the bearings and joints on large size existing bridges will be investigated. Bridges without expansion joints and mechanical bearings allow to:

  • reduce the amount of maintenance and repair (by avoiding elements with a limited lifetime and hard to plan repair works); 
  • avoid the noise caused by traffic on roadway joints; increase user comfort and safety;
  • decrease construction costs;
  • improve the overall performance of the infrastructure

The analysis of the behaviour of integral abutments for bridges will be developed analytically or numerically. The models developed will be compared with results already available (laboratory tests) of real structures behaviour.

  • Modeling of the structure beheviour, soil and the coating and their interaction;
  • Study of the localization or distribution of deformations caused by an imposed displacement (in the structure, in soil and in the coating);
  • Study of the behavior under cyclic actions;
  • Study of the influence of the moving speed considering creep and relaxation of the three elements (soil-coating-structure) and the temperature.


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Swiss Government: State Secretariat for Education and Research
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  • Model of the integral abutments behaviour;
  • Innovative construction solutions;
  • Distributions of deformations study;
  • Cyclic action behaviour study;
  • Moving speed influence study.


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