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Building of a large scale pilot plant for non-contaminating paint-coating of vessels

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Non-contaminant ship painting LIFE94 ENV/D/000297
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Background & Policy context

To preserve the value of trading vessels and to minimise fuel consumption, the paint coatings on trade vessels are repaired at certain intervals or completely renewed. When this is done, certain procedural requirements must be followed (apart from specific requirements for marine paints). These requirements relate to: large area output, arched contour of the vessels, paint coating in open air, and influences from wind and thermal currents. The project included the design and construction of a demonstration unit that avoids overspray emissions into the environment under the above-mentioned conditions. The main components of the large-scale demonstration plant are the building of: a coating head with enclosure, equipment carrier with vertical displacement unit and paint supply system with flushing installation and overspray disposal. With the aid of the developed paint coating system, the overspray may be vacuum-removed from a chamber enclosing the spraying nozzles.


The aim of the project is to build a non-contaminating paint-coating unit for ship repair work to be used as a demonstration model. This unit enables a drastic reduction of contaminating overspray. Up to now, a paint-coating technology, which is highly dangerous to the environment, was used during ship repairs. The overspray from paint coating contaminated both air and water. The project includes the design and building of a demonstration unit to test the technology that will prevent emissions of overspray and permit the treatment and re-use of contaminating substances. As well, the unit takes into consideration the special conditions (large immobile objects, varying environmental conditions) and demands (robust handling, efficiency with large surfaces) of ship work.


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