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C-Roads Slovenia 2

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C-Roads Slovenia 2
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Background & Policy context

“C-Roads Slovenia 2” is part of “C-Roads Platform” and the extension of ongoing “C-Roads Slovenia” (CEF Action: 2015-SI-TM-0286-S) for pilot provision of hybrid C-ITS services.


C-Roads Slovenia will supplement critical road sections and systems with C-ITS roadside equipment and integrate systems in regional TMC (Traffic Management Centre) as real time services for the higher level of traffic control and management with the result in better real time traffic information and in preparation for the future C-ITS. Hybrid solutions recommended by C-ITS Platform Final Report will be used: C-ITS-G5 infrastructure (30 km) and 3G/4G-LTE Cellular Connected Vehicle with the Cloud Information Services (100 km).

During the cooperation in the “C-Roads Platform” and planning the pilot “C-Roads Slovenia” resulted to be insufficient to resolve and cover all complexities of C-ITS-G5. C-Roads Slovenia 2 will extend the pilot: to be comparable, for resolving open issues (especially coexistence with the tolling system) and gaining the needed expertise for later full scale deployment.

On the C-ITS Slovenia pilot site the “C-Roads Slovenia 2” roadside C-ITS-G5 infrastructure will be extended to pilot length of 300 km on complete motorway A1, A3 and H4 and at critical points of A2 with the Central C-ITS-G5 Server for the real-time operation.


C-Roads Slovenia will pilot at least the following C-ITS Day 1.0 services:

  • Traffic jam ahead warning
  • Hazardous location notification
  • Road works warning
  • Weather conditions
  • In-vehicle signage
  • In-vehicle speed limits
  • Probe vehicle data

The delivery of real time traffic information through an existing upgraded mobile app will be tested (location and driving direction aware app upgrade).

The data received from the vehicles and the ITS roadside equipment will be carefully analysed and processed to produce optimal solutions for new C-ITS services in active cooperation with the C-Roads Platform Cooperation and other C-ITS stakeholders to re-solve outstanding issues and to ensure interoperability.

In order to test the above C-ITS Day 1.0 services with different solutions, the ITS infrastructure will be upgraded on the network as well as data integrated into the regional traffic management centre.


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