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Calculation of operation expense ratio of automobiles for evaluating mesaures on road (VSS2005/205)

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Background & Policy context

For evaluation of measures in transport sector by "Cost-Benefit-Analysis" operational expense ratio is needed to calculate. These ratios for passenger cars, trucks and busses have to be representative for Switzerland. These ratios will be calculated by

  • research for Swiss specific input figures (analysis and prognosis) and
  • adopting the calculation scheme.

The objective of the project is to prepare a calculation of operational expenses ratio of automobiles.


Following steps will be done during the project:

  1. System delimitation
  2. Determination Switzerland specific calculation bases (analysis and forecasting)
  3. Calculation of operating cost rates
  4. Empirical survey of the data bases and calculations of costs.


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Swiss Government: State Secretariat for Education and Research
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The vehicle operating costs change as a result of measures such as the new build or expansion of roads, as the performance and use times of the vehicles change. In line with the definition of tasks, account will only be taken of those cost types which are directly affected by the changes in vehicle performance and use times (limit costs). These are the operating costs base values and the fuel costs. The cost rates are therefore limit costs and are shown as factor prices, i.e. excluding taxes and duties. 

Consideration covers the vehicle categories of private cars, goods transport vehicles (delivery vans and heavy goods vehicles), passenger carrying vehicles (coaches and service buses) and motorbikes.

In accordance with the requirements of SN 641 820, the taxes and duties on fuels and performance-related congestion taxes are determined separately.

The project provided up-to-date representative vehicle operating cost rates for the evaluation of traffic measures. Also, the completed forecast of cost rates will ensure that the assumptions on the structure of the vehicle fleet are correct when evaluating measures in connection with determining changes in operating costs and also in relation to the environmental objectives. 

As the changes of the cost rates over time are above all dependent on real wage developments and only a little on the fleet structure, in order to simplify the practical application of the procedure, the real cost rates for 2005  may also be used. There is a need for further research in the area of nominal and real price developments.


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