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Case study analysis of facilities which generate high levels of trips



Case study analysis of facilities which generate high levels of trips
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Fallanalysen zu Anlagen mit grossem Publikumsverkehr

Background & policy context: 

Five case studies of sites with a high public transport: shopping centers, department stores, multiplex cinemas, amusement parks (in particular with regard to expansion of traffic and selected solutions).


Representation of the conflicts and contradictions between regional planning issues and environmental protection. Identification of the relevant regional planning and air quality criteria and processes that shaped the case studies that are relevant to future troubleshooting.

Examined case studies
· Pratteln
· Emmen
· St. Gallen (Säntispark)
· Lyssach (Ikea)
· Spreitenbach


Answers to the following questions for each case example and comprehensive representation of the key project characteristics:

  • Spatial localization, functional classification of settlement, structural starting position (in settlement integrated / non-integrated settlement location)
  • Project characteristics of the proposed or realised system (type of facility, public transportation)
  • Residual capacity for intensive public facilities at the site especially regarding equipment (useful) surfaces and public transportation
  • Existing / affected traffic infrastructure
  • Existing air pollution control limits
  • Planning / planning law situation
  • Basics of planning permission and specific plan approvals
  • Granted permission / authorization requirements
  • Wrong technical and air hygiene solution
  • Supply security
  • Further conflicts
  • Today's acceptance of the system
  • Future development
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Swiss Government: State Secretariat for Education and Research
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Federal Office of Spatial Development

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Weber Friedrich
Federal Office of Spatial Development
Worblentalstrasse 66, Ittigen
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+41 (0)31 322 40 60