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Central European Region Transport Telematics Implementation Project

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STRIA Roadmaps
Network and traffic management systems (NTM)
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Background & Policy context

The CENTRICO partners are responsible for operating many of Europe’s busiest road links. The project covered 16 economically vital regions in six Northwest European countries. Transit traffic from all over Europe is crossing in this area. CENTRICO was a major European traffic management project supported by the European Commission Directorate-General for Energy and Transport (DG TREN). The support for the implementation of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) ensured maximum comfort and efficiency for the users of the Trans-European Road Network (TERN). In the period 2001–2006 the CENTRICO members have invested nearly 400 million €. In the following up programme from 2007-2013 CENTRICO partners continue the efforts and are willing to extend the investments compared to the previous MIP.


The key objectives of CENTRICO were to reduce congestions and to strengthen the traffic flow on the TERN, to improve traffic safety and to treat the environment with care. Furthermore CENTRICO partners' aims were to optimise the use of existing road infrastructure, to increase the electronic viability of road investments and to enhance the availability of traffic information for the road user.



The main focus of the work has been organized in three Deployment Activities (DA) which were

  • traffic Information Services,
  • traffic Management Services, and
  • efficient Information and communication technology (ICT) Infrastructure. 

Furthermore CENTRICO was participating in the four Expert Groups for Monitoring, Traffic Management, which has been led by the Dutch CENTRICO partner, Traveller Information and Evaluation.


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European Commission, DG TREN (Energy and Transport)
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Public (EU)


The main achievement of CENTRICO is the strong cooperation of road operators from different member states. CENTRICO has initiated a large number of internationally co-ordinated activities, ranging from harmonisation efforts to cross-border implementation of operational systems. 

CENTRICO continues and intensifies its successful co-operation with the other Euro-regional projects and plays a proactive role within the expert groups and the European studies in the MIP 2007-2013.


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