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Changes of the skid resistance of pavements in the course of time (VSS1996/031)

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Background & Policy context

The aim of road management is to carry out particular works on every road at an optimal point in time. Particularly in view of new performance models the changes of the skid resistance of pavements within shorter or longer intervals of time are of major importance.

This research proposes a study of the pertinent literature as well as an analysis of the long-term data collection on skid resistance on different pavements of the research organization. Some additional field recordings may be necessary.


With regard to the development of behavioural models of skid resistance of various road surfaces first principles should be worked out. This concerns in particular the periodicity of skid measurements for databases.


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Swiss Government: State Secretariat for Education and Research
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The final report describes the basis of extensive data collection of the IVT drafting basic principles with regard to behavioural models. 

As a results of the project an extensive database was created, measuring sections with repeated measurements were screened and, if surface is finishes and installation data were known, the history of grip values for an initial overview has been compiled. This provides the basis for further work.


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