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The Action takes place on the Atlantic and Mediterranean Core Network Corridors in Portugal and Spain (though the twinned Action "Cirve_Project" twinned Action 2015-EU-TM-0409-S). Its objective is to increase the use of electric vehicles in these countries under a fully interoperable cross-border framework that allows electric vehicle users to transit from the north of Europe to the Iberian Peninsula, ensuring a link between the southern and northern parts of the EU.

A pilot study will be carried out to deploy 58 multi-standard quick charging points located (40 in Spain, 18 in Portugal) along the Iberian EU Corridors (Mediterranean and Atlantic) with special attention to cross-border areas between Portugal, Spain and France. Studies will identify the solutions to current legal technical and economic barriers as well as business model in order to boast the deployment of alternative fuels in the Iberian Peninsula.

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