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Classification of the Trans-European Road Network (TERN) in Switzerland (VSS1999/116)

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Background & Policy context

In line with the European aspirations, on the European, parent road network is on traffic monitoring and traffic control defined, typed and classified for Switzerland the TERN.

The currently existing European directives, principles and guidelines for the TERN to be procured and tested and reviewed their applicability for Switzerland. Their implementation in Austria, Germany, Italy and France as well as the current status in Switzerland are analysed. From these bases and analyses a proposal relating to the definition, characterisation and the need for action for the attention of the traffic telematics equipment TERN Switzerland the responsible federal agencies will be developed.


The objective of the project are as follows:

  • Procurement and testing of the currently existing European directives, principles and guidelines for TERN and assess their applicability for Switzerland.
  • Analysis of the implementation in our neighboring countries Germany, Italy, France, Austria, jurisdiction in Switzerland.
  • Proposal for definition, characterisation, action concerning traffic telematics equipment of TERN Switzerland for the attention of the competent federal authorities.


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Swiss Government: State Secretariat for Education and Research
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Criteria and specific thresholds, such as a particular TERN-haul or section regarding traffic flow and weather conditions can be described as problematic, are not supplied by the TELTEN2 recommendations. In particular, it remains unclear what, "seasonal" and "local" traffic flow issues and to understand exactly under a weather problem is in "daily".

The delegation consists of concrete tasks to the individual countries, the risk that each country comes to outlying proposals when defining its criteria and thresholds, which are characterised by different interests. Result of these efforts at national level would be a great bandwidth and most incomparable thresholds.


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