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Clearview Trade - Cloud based collaborative custom system


Clearview Trade - Cloud based collaborative custom system

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Solutions to facilitate international transport and trade are growing in parallel with global BNP growth. The recent digitalization of customs is creating opportunities in this market. ClearView Trade’s cloud based collaborative solution and business model is positioned to disrupt and exploit the opportunities in the SME market and dedicated to open standards. Importers and exporters rely on manual or semi-manual processes to facilitate cross-border transactions. Such processes are both inefficient and error-prone, and as a result, 40-50% of all customs declarations are incorrect. We are the first company to introduce a collaborative platform that supports the process from export to import end-to-end. Export and import declarations are based on the same data, and by enabling exporters and importers to share and re-use these data in a mutual system, we create substantial savings, especially for the SME segment. Based on our current experience, we reduce the exporters’ time consumption by 50-80%, this amount to € 2,5 to 10 pr. Shipment.

Enables users to comply with the relevant standards

Introducing cost savings

Increases accuracy of trade, transport and customs data

Enhances supplier relations and offers real-time visibility

Reduces delays of shipments and increases supply chain efficiency

Increases supply chain predictability, accountability and security

Simple online interface

Affordable solution – price model targeting SMEs

Truly collaborative system where information are shared between all relevant shareholders.

Besides the ability to reuse data globally, for less errors and faster transactions, exporters benefit from improving the level of service, customer satisfaction and delayed shipments, whilst reducing the number of incoming calls and emails asking about shipment, as partners gain viewing access to the system. ClearView Trade deliver secure, resilient and trusted trade data, between importers and exporters, controlling authorities and service providers.

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