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Cluster of the transport related projects PROMOCO, LIMOBEL, BIOSES, and CLEVER

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Background & Policy context

Within the research programme ‘Science for a Sustainable Development’ (SSD) a number of cluster projects were defined. These clusters aimed at gathering knowledge from different individual projects as well as giving support to policy makers. Energy was one of the core research fields.

The transport sector is an important energy-guzzler in the EU27. Furthermore, the transport sector is nearly completely dependent on oil products. The increasing transport demand gives rise to concerns regarding the security and affordability of oil supply. The cluster project PROLIBIC focused therefore specifically on transport.


The first objective of PROLIBIC was to bring together achieved knowledge from 4 projects carried out within the research programme SSD, namely PROMOCO (Professional mobility and company car ownership), LIMOBEL (Long-run impacts of policy packages on mobility in Belgium), BIOSES (Biofuels Sustainable End uSe) and CLEVER (Clean Vehicle Research: Life Cycle Analysis and Policy Measures).It focused on transport activities and environmental impacts.

The second objective consisted of defining two new policy scenarios and to perform related model runs.

A third important objective was to communicate the results achieve within PROLIBIC and the 4 underlying projects with policymakers at both national and regional level.


The cluster project PROLIBIC consisted of the interaction between the different work packages and partners.

Work package 1 aimed at converting the results of the different underlying projects into a workable input for PROLIBIC.

In work package 2 policy scenarios were defined.

In work package 3 specific analyses were performed about biofuels and the environmental performance of the passenger car fleet in Belgium.

Communication toward policy makers and a broader group of stakeholders was dealt in work package 4.


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Belgian Federal Science Policy Office (Politique scientifique fédérale  / Federaal Wetenschapsbeleid)
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The key results achieved bt LIMOBEL were

  • the updated LIMOBEL framework (calculation box);
  • quantification of the impact of two transport policy scenarios in Belgium on transport activities, energy consumption, share of renewable energy, air emissions and welfare;
  • valorisation towards policy makers;


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