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CNG Clean Fuel Box Project

CNG Clean Fuel Box Project


The Action was a wide-scale pilot market deployment of an innovative CNG refuelling network that would be implemented in Hungary along two transport Core Network Corridors (Mediterranean and Orient/East-Med).

The objective of the Action was to develop CNG availability and use at country level. This would be achieved through the deployment of Clean Fuel Box (CFB) refuelling network solution that was a CNG self-service station network able to refill CNG vehicles independently of the gas distribution network based on a 24/7 service.

The Action included a market study based on CFB system and the market roll-out of the innovative technology through real-life trial including a network of 39 CFB stations, the delivery of five LNG truck feeders, and the introduction of 50 CNG vehicles to test the functioning of this network and to support the emerging demand. The CFB network would be monitored by a central operator service with smart information technology.

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