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Cold behaviour of bituminous binder (VSS1995/019)

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The efforts made so far to describe the low-temperature behavior by laboratory tests were mostly limited to one-time charges. Both BBR and cold contraction experiments provide a unique strain of the test piece. The cracking at moderate temperatures under repeat loading is still underexplored. In the present work, a promising approach was demonstrated, could be with which to learn more about the processes of cracking in connection with the fatigue behaviour.


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The work looked intensively at currently available testing methods to assess the cold behaviour of bituminous binders. In test section of road consisting of 16 different binders in the wearing coarse, the behaviour of the pavement was observed over a long time period.  The binder was recovered and investigated in the laboratory according to different artificial ageing processes as well as at different time intervals.

In addition, the crack depth and teh cracke extent were compared after 10 years with different laboratory tests. 

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The findings related to the implementation, evaluation and precision of the experiment "Bending Beam Rheometer" are found in the CEN standardisation in the form of a national opinion during the Enquiry input.


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