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Completion of Ploče Gateway Project - reconstruction and construction of a link road to Ploče port and Ploče town

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Completion of Ploče Gateway Project
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Project goal: Completion of corridor Vc Budapest – Osijek – Sarajevo – Ploče on comprehensive TEN-T network and connecting the town and port of Ploče with motorway A1 Zagreb – Split – Dubrovnik, i.e. Adriatic-Ionian corridor that is part of the core network.

Project description: Ploče Gateway project is a completion of the Link road between Ploče interchange (A1) and Ploče Port which is finished until Čeveljuša interchange about 350 m from the entrance into the port complex. The link road is aimed at connecting the town and the port of Ploče with A1 motorway Zagreb – Split – Dubrovnik, i.e. Adriatic-Ionian corridor, a part of the core TEN-T network, and motorway A10 B&H border – Metković (A1), which together with A1 section from Metković interchange to Ploče interchange and the link road Ploče interchange (A1) – Ploče port represents a final portion of Vc corridor Budapest – Osijek – Sarajevo – Ploče, classified in TEN-T comprehensive network.


Project feasibility: Ploče Port is of particular (international) importance for the Republic of Croatia, a port on the comprehensive TEN-T network and pan-European corridor Vc, permanent border crossings for international transport of passengers and goods with inspection services (BIP) and it constitutes an exit/entrance port of cargo transport of B&H and is of particular importance for its economy. Further development of Ploče Port depends on the development of road and railway infrastructure on Vc corridor. Presently, the Ploče port is connected with the RoC motorway network and TEN-T network through the road network of the town of Ploče; however, such solution of town entrance does not meet the demands of serviceability and traffic safety and the passing of heavy vehicles through town adversely affects environment and the quality of life. The implementation of this project will enable better connections between the town and the port of Ploče on TEN-T network, removal of bottlenecks, increased capacity and regional accessibility to TEN-T network and other EU countries.


Funding Source
Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure


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EU Contribution
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EU Contribution


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