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Computer Vision Innovations for Safe Traffic – VISTA



Computer Vision Innovations for Safe Traffic – VISTA


Research and development activities constitute one component of VISTA project in which the focus will be on industrial research and development, feasibility check and prototype development and testing of advanced computer vision systems for safe traffic. The second component of the project consists of networking activities with companies in the Croatian automotive sector through which new possibilities and potentials will be presented, and the process of defining new challenging application of computer vision in traffic will be started.

The project will last for two years and will result in several computer systems for traffic safety improvement, and linking with SMEs of the Croatian automotive sector. The project is co-financed by European Union's pre-accession funds, under IPA component IIIc Operational Programme for Regional Competitiveness.

The overall objectives will be achieved through three specific objectives:

  1. Strengthening of technology transfer and commercialization capacities of partner HEIs Transfer of existing computer vision applications from HEIs to SMEs Developing new traffic- and transportation-related computer vision applications with commercial potential in collaboration with SMEs in the automotive industry sector.
  2. Conducting R&D activities towards commercialization of specific innovative computer vision applications.
  3. Networking of HEIs and SMEs in Croatian automotive industry sector to improve the SME access to high-tech knowledge, stimulate the commercialization of existing innovations developed at HEIs and foster the conception of future joint R&D projects.
Funding Source(s): 
Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure
Key Results: 

Research results:

Driver assistance systems for:

  1. Surround-view parking visualization
  2. Traffic sign detection and recognition
  3. Lane detection and recognition
  4. Lane departure and collision warning
  5. Automatic headlight detection
  6. Detection of road-side vegetation for traffic infrastructure maintenance
  7. Driver mental state recognition

Networking results:

  1. Advertising materials (leaflets and brochures presenting action)
  2. Four workshops with SMEs and HEIs,
  3. The action’s web site
  4. Visibility events (two exhibitions at automotive fairs).

The impacts on the final beneficiaries are:

  • Development of automotive industry sector and higher employment.
  • Safer traffic for drivers and pedestrians.
  • Reduced environmental pollution.
  • Reduced expenses for maintenance and fixing of traffic accident-related damages.

Project budget:  €685.265,45

EC contribution: €573.841,29

Contact Name: 
Prof. dr. sc. Sven Lončarić
Contact Email: 
University of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing
Unska 3
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