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Concept for the efficient collection and analysis of freight data (SVI2009/002)

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Background & Policy context

The intention of the project is to improve and complete the Swiss freight statistics, to implement tailor-made improvements and compilations of the existing freight data collection systems considering especially the requirements from the logistics sector. The main focus is on the collections side, but the possibilities for analysis of the collected data is assessed.


The main objectives of the project are the following:

  • to analyse the Swiss freight data collection system and its strengths and weaknesses
  • to identify the changing requirements relating to a differentiated and actualised freight statistics whereas different application purposes and actors have to be considered and weighted
  • to present the changing framework conditions (liberalisation, technologies, logistics trends, etc.) and their influence on freight transport collection system in Switzerland
  • to develop a key measurement standard with the relevant indicators and related definitions
  • to present, assess and evaluate alternative and supplementary freight data collection methods and instruments, whereas new technical possibilities and best practice experiences from other countries are considered
  • to present a concept how, where, and by whom the todays freight statistics can be improved

The following steps will take place:

  • Matrix representation surveys (measured indicators, measuring unit, periodicity, spatial resolution, method of data collection, sampling, data formats, ratings, etc.)
  • Setting assessment Scale: purpose, interest groups, interested parties, the availability of data, comply with the requirements of the EU force, analysis options, issues, etc.
  • Interviews with shippers, logistics and transportation services for businesses of existing data (from order processing and settlement, about 5 interviews)
  • Analysis Strengths / Weaknesses
  • Opinion on analysis and evaluation framework (completeness, usefulness)
  • Opinion on analysis and evaluation of data and goods survey instruments (incl. links to other surveys)


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The project has the following results:

  • Review and evaluate existing and planned cargo surveys in Switzerland
  • An overview of the conditions and developments affecting transport statistics for Switzerland
  • Review of needs for freight transport and logistics
  • Overview of problems / shortcomings of today's statistics, freight and requirements / objectives for editing
  • Preparation of the catalogue of measures to improve and review cases of good practice from abroad
  • Formulation of the concept for the efficient collection and analysis of freight transport data.


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