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Concepts for multifunctional use of the mobility time budget

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MobileTIMES project will develop applications for multidimensional use of travel time budget by interdisciplinary inquiry into multitasking. Based on time diaries, comprehensive empirical survey and exploratory field test concepts for multitasking design solutions will be developed with the goal of popularizing transition to public transport. While mobility consumer groups are increasingly inhomogeneous due to individual life styles and personal preferences, the spectre of transport service offers is also becoming progressively diverse. Emerging information and communication technologies enable people to make use of their travel time for additional activities such as work and leisure by using mobile phones, laptops and tablets. Multitasking is rapidly becoming a widespread social phenomenon.

MobileTIMES will examine the topic of multitasking when traveling through an interdisciplinary inquiry and application of several methods. Time diaries, conducting empirical investigation (qualitative social empirical study, spatial analysis and post-occupancy evaluation) as well as an explorative field test will form the knowledge base for development of multitasking design concepts. These design concept will enhance the attractiveness of public transport services and active mobility. These multitasking designs will increase user acceptance for longer traveling time in public transport and due to active mobility through enhanced comfort and time saving through multitasking. The project focuses on urban agglomerations with large shares of motorized private transport and high numbers of commuters as well as rural areas which are highly affected by demographic and structural changes.

Main tasks and outcomes:

  • (Multifunctional) Mobility-TIME-analysis (secondary evaluation of time use data / ZVE data 2008/2009), Outcome: multitasking activity matrix according to high, medium and low density
  • Social empirical user survey: Surveys will be carried out in two different survey regions with different infrastructural and social characteristics: Weinviertel (a growing rural area) and Wiener Umland Südteil (a growing suburban region in the south of Vienna). Information on general conditions, requirements and suitability of current transport and mobility services from user perspective will be gathered.
  • SPACE_TIME Analysis: will be based on post-occupancy evaluation (evaluation of spatial and infrastructural conditions), collection and data analysis on mobility infrastructures and services, intermodality, on the potential for multifunctional activities in public transport inner spaces, private, semiprivate and public spaces of transition on routes between home, work place and public transport stops. These spatial and mobility structures will be evaluated according to criteria such as: privacy, communication, multitasking. Outcome: a synthesis between multitasking activity, user survey results and spatial structure.
  • Explorative field test: test of user acceptance for multitasking ideas through involvement of users and experts, evaluation of effectiveness of measures by involving users and cooperation partners (LoI partnerships include public transport providers, companies and public administration)
  • Multitasking Design concepts for public transport: a manual with framework for conditions, ideas, measures and concepts for multifunctional design and multifunctionality offers in public transport


Parent Programmes
Institution Type
Public institution
Institution Name
FFG - Die Österreichische Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft
Type of funding
Public (national/regional/local)
Other Programme
MdZ - 6. Ausschreibung 2015


Lead Organisation
Di Dr. Edeltraud Haselsteiner
Wien, Austria
Partner Organisations
Havel & Havel Beratungs Gesmbh
Hauptstraße 18, 3031 Rekawinkel, Austria


Technology Theme
Sustainable urban mobility plans
Mobility service planning
Development phase

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