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Concepts of roadside infrastructure and rest areas

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The proposed project is aimed to highlight the main problems and propose the considered solution of well-functioning freight and passenger road infrastructure. There are three main issues that are to be solved jointly by municipal, public and private bodies by both countries: road safety, cargo and passengers’ security and roadside environment protection.

Managing road safety issues are associated with drivers’ fatigue, managing security - with secure and comfortable parking, managing environmental problems - with proper land use and modern engineering solutions. The main idea of the project is to develop and justify the concepts of roadside rest areas as effective tools of improvement safe and secure movement of people and goods.

Project authors intend to promote rest area as open place, convenient and accessible to all travelers, regardless of age, disability or language, designed for long-term heavy-duty use for ease and efficient maintenance. The project is initiated by partnership of Latvian and Lithuanian carrier’s associations and research institutions. The partners represent all major project target groups: cargo vehicles drivers, transportation engineers, logistics planners, researches.

The allocated expert staff covers all aspects of road infrastructure performance planning and assessment, incl. engineering, spatial, ecological, economic, institutional, logistics issues.

All the project activities take place in cross-border regions and adjusting areas:

  • WP1 management and coordination.
  • WP2 Road transportation performance research incl. field research work, surveys, statistics analysis and open workshops for stakeholders.
  • WP3 Models and analysis for best transportation performance.
  • WP4 Development of Implementation Strategy incl. guidelines for design and maintenance.



Implementation of the project is planned to be executed in close cooperation with project stakeholders and s target groups representatives. The project is planned to be resulted with developed innovative concepts of 2 functionally different types of roadside rest areas, tailored to specific needs of target groups in cross-border areas in programme regions. The worked-out full sets of documents (economic, environmental, technological, institutional evaluation reports and design documentation) will make further investment activities more risk-free and effective.

Project activities cover main road transportation performance issues - field research work, surveys, statistics analysis, open workshops for stakeholders, modeling and analytical approaches, development of implementation concepts. Besides contribution to EU horizontal policies, project has positive environmental impact as it is aimed to promote green engineering solutions for design of modern roadside rest areas


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2007 - 2013 Latvia-Lithuania (LV-LT)


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