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Concrete properties according to SN EN 206-1 (AGB2002/004)

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Background & Policy context

With the introduction of SN EN 206-1 on 1. 1. 2003 the concrete properties must be determined with test methods. The test results will be evaluated in order to define the requirements for concrete of various exposition classes.

According to table NA.3 of the "national annex" of SN EN 206-1 concrete producers are
obliged to determine according to SIA 262/1 for "designed concrete" in the exposure classes
• XC4(CH) and XD1(CH) - XD3(CH) the capillary suction
• XD2(CH) and XD3(CH) the chloride resistance
• XF2(CH) - XF4(CH) the freeze-thaw resistance with de-icing salt.


Will be prepared a set of test specifications and limits for the relevant exposure classes of SN EN 206-1. Currently valid very detailed requirements on the concrete composition shall be replaced by the test requirements and limits. Revision of SN EN 206-1 in 2004/05 shall set up simple rules with sufficient durability.


Between 2004 and mid of 2007 data from approximately 80 - 100 concrete plants around 1500 concrete mixtures were obtained. The concrete mixtures are mainly in accordance with the requirements of SN EN 206-1 and cover most parts of Switzerland.
Based on the present evaluation of the data and limiting values as a function of the exposure classes which were proposed by third parties, it is possible to define requirements for concrete to be used in the exposure classes XC4(CH), XD1(CH) - XD3(CH) und XF2(CH) - XF4(CH), with "performance-related design methods"


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Determination of test methods and associated limit values for concrete for the expositions classes of SN EN 206-1.

Policy implications

For a future implementation of the "performance-related design methods" in the SN EN 206-1 it is recommended for the considered exposure classes to
• establish groups of exposure classes like the Swiss "NPK-concretes" and to determine
for these groups the testing frequency and the conformity control with the
concept of concrete families.
• include regulations for the protection of embedded steel against corrosion.


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