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Concretisation of the public transport-ITS system architecture in Germany in the field of action quality management in public transport

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Background & Policy context

In a first step, an ITS framework architecture for public transport in Germany has already been designed and integrated into the overall context of the work on ITS in order to implement the objectives and requirements of the EU's ITS Directive 2010/40/EU in real national projects.
This public transport ITS framework architecture for a nationwide networking of the actors in Germany was developed in a previous research project (Development of a public transport ITS framework architecture in Germany including European ITS guidelines with relevance to public transport, final report March 2014) and closes the gap between the "road" action plan (end of initial phase) and the country-specific master plans in the concept phase. The framework architecture provides a clear model and formulates recommendations for action and measures for the actors in public transport with regard to the definition of their roles and business models, the adherence to rules and framework conditions as well as the implementation of information and communication technologies.
The "Quality Management (QM) for information logistics in public transport" was identified as a particularly relevant field of activity for the further development of ITS in public transport.


This project aims at providing an IV-public transport reference architecture for the field of quality management.
Quality management is understood as a permanent task in traffic that safeguards its value and must therefore be accepted across all institutions. To this end, Germany-wide minimum quality levels for services and information are clearly defined, among other things as the basis for efficient cooperation and securing ITS financing.
The result is a clarification and definition of the data protection requirements for a QM in information logistics, e. g. with regard to the storage and use of personal data, from an open and non-discriminatory data storage. Furthermore, concrete statements are expected to clarify and determine the relevance of data/reports used in QM (e. g. delays, connections) and information (e. g. complaints) used in QM, e. g. as stipulations in traffic implementation contracts, data transfer and data use contracts.
Furthermore, the necessary prerequisites and bases for a partially funding of the operation of a nationwide networked QM in information logistics should be clarified.


The project is organised as follows:

  1. First of all, preparation and support in setting up a cross-state coordination group QM "Service & Information" and "Strategy" must be done.
  2. Moreover, it is necessary to prepare and support the establishment of state specific institutions for the organization, coordination and implementation (operation) of the QM "Service & Information" and "Strategy" in the state (national access point).
  3. The project also focuses on the definition of quality standards for information and service quality in public transport information logistics.
  4. In addition, suggestions for state-specific, open and non-discriminatory data management for collecting feedback from the QM "Service & Information" and "Strategy" are collected.
  5. Finally, customization and development of exchange formats and API in the course of specification (a) of the ITS- standard needs to be done.


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Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructures (BMVI)


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