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Construction of a test soot particle generator using liquid fuel (ASTRA2003/006)

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Background & Policy context

Within the combustion chamber of the CAST burner the atomised fuel reacts with the coating air and forms a co-flow diffusion flame. At the outlet of the combustion chamber the flame is quenched by inert gas and changes to a smoke with soot particles.

The physical, chemical and healthy relevant features of the soot particles should be stable, reproducible and comparable to the real soot particle from combustion engines. Within the submicron range (20 - 1000 nm) the mean particle size should be variable.


An atomising unit for liquid fuel will be developed and adapted to the CAST burner. In order to vary the features of soot particles, the fuel mixture will be diluted using inert gas. The operation parameters and the features of soot particles will be studied, including the content of the cancerous PAH (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon). Besides, a further important objective of the project is to make the soot generator work well stable and reproducible.


A suitable device will be designed, tested and improved in order to atomise or vaporise liquid fuel in a controlled way. Device will create a fuel flow and a second air stream, so-called "co-flow diffusion flame" in a burning chamber. The vaporised fuel can be additionally diluted with inert gas to influence particle size. Flame will be cut at the outlet of the combustion chamber and chemical reactions of the flame shall be stopped.

Analysis of these parameters will be provided by the SMPS (Scaning Mobility Particle Sizer). Will be determined the distribution size of the particles.


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Swiss Government: State Secretariat for Education and Research
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Areas of application of the CAST burner:
1. Automotive Industry and Research.
2. Toxicological investigation.
3. Chemical and atmospheric investigation.
4. Development of filter and catalyst.
5. Development and calibration of particle measuring instruments.

Policy implications

Continuation of the project is required if the properties of the carbon black and the characterisation of soot generator must be thoroughly investigated.


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