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Cooperation for the initial project: Urban low noise pavements (ASTRA2008/014)

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Background & Policy context

The following set of projects are based on four interactive sub-projects:

1. Research and Innovation (Long term performance and durability of low-noise pavements; optimisation of this type of pavements).

2. Validation (Insitu - control of the research and laboratory results on pilot sections).

3. Long term monitoring and succes control.

4. Incentive program.

For the initial phase it is crucial:

  • To define the necessary framework of the project considering institutional, scientific and financial aspects;
  • To proceed and conclude the call for tenders in order to dispose of the necessary management organisation of the project.

The goal of this project is to develop a further incentive for the application of low-noise pavement in urban situations. This project will base upon the actual scientific knowledge and on the results of the ongoing research projects, due to be completed by the end of 2008.

The purpose of this mandate is to dispose of an external cooperation in order to define the framework of this project and prepare the call for tenders for the project management mandate.


Step 1

Target: define concept "dispositive research package" with clients

On the basis of a working paper, the organisational aspects and the it first professional boundaries with the quest givers an initial screening / testing are subjected. This serves as the default for the next steps.

Step 2

Target: contact names, consolidation of organisational and technical aspects

Contact stakeholders interested in the research package (KIK, VSS, INFRA-SMI). They are defined in step 1 in more detail. Two rounds of contacting are provided.

Organisation of two meetings or workshops (domestic circles and foreign specialists) is provided for the purpose of the main topics choice and delimitation.

Step 3

Target: Consolidation of dispositive research package and definition of additional contact needs.

Presentation of contacts and holding of the meetings / workshops in order to consolidate the conditions in professional and organisational view. Demonstration of possible synergies and cooperation with foreign circles.

Step 4

Target: to fix the conditions for the tender

On the basis of a working paper, the framework will be presented, discussed and defined (organisational and technical).

Step 5

Target: to organise a tender to award the GPL (excl ev appeal process).

-        Preparation of tender documents;

-        Examination  by the contracting authority;

-        Down the procedures and tendering

-        Participation in the tender phase (questions and answers);

-        Offer assessment, evaluation, participation in jury to the award.


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Swiss Government: State Secretariat for Education and Research
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Preparation and provision of the tenders for the management of the project "Urban low-noise pavements".

Subproject FORSCHUNGSPAKET LÄRMARME BELÄGE INNERORTS TEILPROJEKT (TP) 3: LANGZEITMONITORING was managed by the team - Grolimund & Partner AG, IMP Bautest AG, Müller-BBM Schweiz AG.


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