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Cooperative Cities extend and validate mobility services


Cooperative Cities extend and validate mobility services

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The provision of multimodal information to citizens and end users is crucial to influence travel behaviour and mode choices of the public. In the project 'In-Time' common traveller information services based on distributed regional data sources accessible via one commonly agreed data interface were developed. These common mobility services included dynamic navigation, intermodal routing, and advice in real time, but delivered no information from the traveller to traffic management. This was the scope of 'Co-Cities', which closed the 'feedback loop' of cooperative mobility services and hereby elaborated a development path for traffic management in European cities.


The objectives of Co-Cities were:

  • To extend the number of cities which install the In-Time Commonly Agreed Interface and connect it to the traffic management centre for a regular feed of data and information.
  • To develop a fast and reliable validation process for cooperative traffic information services by using a "reference platform".
  • To make transport information services more attractive and appealing to users in urban areas.

For the purpose of traffic management in urban areas, the Co-Cities objectives were achieved by the deployment of both the transport information services listed here below and their extension with a cooperative element:

  • Interoperable and multimodal RTTI services to end-users, offered by Traffic Information Service Providers (TISPs), used different hardware and software platforms such as personal navigation devices, smart phones and web services and developed Europe-wide services based on regional traffic and travel data.
  • Business-to-business serviceswill enabled Europe-wide Traffic Information Service Providers (TISPs) to cooperate with regional and urban authorities in fields such as strategy-based routing and adaptive mobility services
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