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Cooperative Streets

Cooperative Streets

Background & policy context: 

The C-Roads Platform is a joint initiative of EU Member States (MS) and road operators which are in the phase of installing C-ITS for pilots and later operation. Pilot installations will be harmonised, ensuring interoperability based on cooperation within the C-Roads Platform. Key elements are the joint development of technical specifications which provide the basis for all pilot deployments, as well as common cross-site testing to achieve interoperability of the deployed C-ITS services.


The general objective of the Cooperative Streets is to progress, in the framework of the C-Roads Platform, towards the digitalisation and decarbonisation of the transport sector. 

These pilots will define a clear path for the implementation in real environment, to monitor and evaluate results before large-scale deployments, in close cooperation with the C-Roads Platform.


The Activities are focused on the deployment of 5 C-ITS pilots in the Atlantic Corridor in Portugal, covering relevant sections of the Core and Comprehensive network and two urban nodes of Lisbon and Porto. Currently 13 cities are committed to invest and test pilots that will put emphasis on the implementation of Day 1 and Day 1.5 C-ITS services. 

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Ministério das Infraestruturas e da Habitação

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