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Cost Model for Preservation of Road Structures

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Background & Policy context

One of the most important foundations of a management system is cost benchmarking. Cost benchmarks include unit costs related both to structural elements and the structure as a whole. They are used for cost estimation of future preservation of interventions. The cost benchmarks are computed using statistical analysis of collected cost data on performed preservation. The collected raw data must clearly have the same classification as the cost benchmarks. In this research the methodology to facilitate the extraction of the raw data from the final cost statements, taking in consideration the current practice, will be developed.


The research goal of this project is to develop a cost model for preservation and typical improvement of interventions on road structures. This model, based on cost benchmarks, will allow sufficiently accurate estimates of intervention costs. The cost benchmarks are to be extracted from final cost statements without any additional effort.


A cost model will be developed during the following steps:

1. Literature Study
2. Identification of all relevant cost types and standard item catalogues (NPK)
3. Construction of the structure of cost types due to a block diagram entities
4. Embedding of cost categories in NPK
5. Embedding the building component structure in NPK
6. Preparation of the review and provision of a computer science tool for data transformation
7. Validation of the model
8. Final Report


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Swiss Government: State Secretariat for Education and Research
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A cost model for preservation and typical improvement interventions on road structures.


The research results will be implemented into practice. The cost data in the final accounts can be transferred directly into the building management system Cuba.


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EU Contribution


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