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Creating Liveable Neighbourhoods while Lowering Transport Energy Consumption

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Background & Policy context

The PROMOTION Project worked with changing travelers mobility behavioural pattern towards smarter use of transport, in particular car transport, through providing better transport services and facilities.


The main objective of the PROMOTION Project was to reduce the attractiveness of the private car as a transport alternative to the advantage of more sustainable transport. In addition this project worked with reducing the overall number of private transport trips, focusing on changing decision making in peoples homes. 


The PROMOTION Project worked toward each its goals through three different approaches:

  1. Through improving the objective conditions like infrastructural planning or organisational measures, through for instance, improving the pedestrian network or bicycle connections to neighbouring city districts.
  2. Through changing peoples' perception of energy efficient transport and by making them more aware of its benefits by showing them how it can be done, through meetings, workshops and case studies.
  3. Through motivating and informing people to try and use energy efficient modes of transport and mobility services in order to achieve a change in their behavioural patterns.


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The PROMOTION Project yielded the following results:

  • It enlarged the circle of market actors being aware of energy efficient transport in the field of housing.
  • It trained 755 people in national training events creating awarness around the project topic.
  • It changed mobility patterns in 14 application sites towards more energy efficient and sustainable transport.
  • It produced training materials and guidelines on energy saving at home where mobility and best practices were part of the material.

Strategy targets

This project contributed towards promoting more sustainable development. 


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