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Creating the station of the future


Creating the station of the future


The Action is part of a Global Project, which is the development of a new infrastructure for alternative fuels vehicles along the TEN-T Core Network in Italy, according to the company’s five-year plan. The general objective of the Action is to support a sustainable and efficient transport system and to promote the decarbonisation of road transport along the Core Network Corridors, through the deployment of alternative fuel (Liquefied/Compressed Natural Gas - L/CNG and Electric) in Italy.

The Action consists of creating a network of 32 multi-product stations through the installation of 31 CNG, 5 LNG and 26 Electric Fast chargers for road vehicles on company’s existing refuelling sites. The stations are located in Italy on four Core Network Corridors: Rhine-Alpine, Scandinavian Mediterranean, Mediterranean and Baltic-Adriatic. To ensure the Action is delivered on time and within budget, a project management activity is part of the Action.

The completion of the Action will, as a result, contribute to the decarbonisation of transport sector and to the roll-out of alternative fuels.

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